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Our Story

We believe that in financial markets, accurate and in-time data is the tool that helps everyone be the winner.

Our business strategy is simple: with the help of technology we create value in data that could be used by financial analysts.
Developed by experienced industry and technology professionals, our platform allows you to analyze financial data, draw actionable insights and narrate into professional analysis reports.
Founded in 2015 by Mofid Securities, the leading investment firm in Iran financial market, Pouya Finance is helping all financial analysts have an accurate and in-time access to Iran financial markets.

Our Work

We have developed an extensive API providing a uniform, simple and easy interface to Iran financial market data for both listed and non-listed companies. over http, this means it can be used from any software environment to present real-time financial market data to the clients.
Also we have developed a web application, BourseView, using this API to deliver our data to the clients in a proper way. In BourseView you can access to:

  • Real-time market data
  • Financial statements
  • Fundamental Charts
  • Key Ratios
  • Company Profile
  • Historical Data
  • Market Screener
  • Market Overview
  • Industry Summary

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The Financial Data Platform of IRAN Markets

Our team

We have a small but growing team of high quality staff including both Information Technology engineers and Financial Analysts. Working these two teams together guarantees transformative products which helps our customers make faster and smarter decisions in Iran financial markets.


Mahdi Seifollahi


Ehsan Adman

Senior Financial Analyst

Mehrdad Aghamolaei

Senior Software Engineer

Mojtaba Fakhari


Farhad Malekmahmoudi

Developer Programmer

Our clients

Everyone who is in need of accurate financial information on Iran capital market, including institutional investors, high net worth individuals and financial analysts can use our platforms to access real-time financial data on the companies they are following.
Our team is driven by a desire to build a different kind of financial firm – one that puts our customers at the center of everything we do.

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